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Leaving for College? What Do You Need to Know

Many are heading to college! For those in eating disorder recovery there is a lot to think through and “practice” ahead of time. Before leaving, not only is it …

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Are “Safe Foods” Keeping Your Eating Disorder Alive? ⁠

For some people, “safe foods,” might be foods that feel “good” or “healthy.” They may be consumed in a repetitive way, day in and day out, without deviation. Safe foods …

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The Nuance of Language During ED Recovery

In a diet-obsessed, “wellness-infused” world, there are nuances of language that cause harm to patients in eating disorder recovery.  The list is long, but here are some of the highlights. …

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The Return to Sports After Eating Disorder Treatment

It is often heartbreaking when a medical doctor deems it “unsafe” for someone with an eating disorder to continue in their sport. Someone might get pulled from their sport for …

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Athletes and Eating Disorder Recovery

By Carly Reid, former UCLA Swimmer and Eating Disorder Advocate.

It isn’t a surprise that athletes have extremely competitive tendencies. We will go the extra mile, hour, or training session …

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Lets Ban the Word “Fattening”

FATTENING. I hate this word. It is often used to express fear about the perceived power that a food is thought to have on one’s weight and shape.

“This is SO

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The Rise of Eating Disorders During a Global Pandemic: How to Develop Nourishing Nutritional Habits


Many people are reporting the following nutritional challenges during this pandemic:

  • Food insecurity
  • Social isolation (no one to help with meals)
  • Chronic stress
  • Increased/Decreased appetite 
  • Unstructured eating
  • Missed meals
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Body Positive Parenting

Those who are diagnosed with eating disorders may have a combination of factors that create “the perfect storm” for these illnesses to develop. This may include one’s individual traits like

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Why Athletes Should Rest

For all athletes, rest is important. Athletes looking to get better may falsely think that adding a second training session in the same day will advance their training.  According to …

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The “Plate-by-Plate Approach®” offers guidance for parents nourishing their child through an eating disorder

“I wish this meal-time guidance provided by Wendy and Casey had been available when I was age 11 and an eating disorder was raging and embedding in my brain. Together

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