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The Nuance of Language: Exercise Edition

How do you talk about exercise around your kids? Here are some helpful reminders as the holidays come around. Exercising

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Scattergories Activity: A-Z

Nutrition Lesson Plan for Joyful Movement with Kids Objectives: To understand the benefits of movement To experience joyful movement To

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The Nuance of Language During ED Recovery

In a diet-obsessed, “wellness-infused” world, there are nuances of language that cause harm to patients in eating disorder recovery.  The

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The Return to Sports After Eating Disorder Treatment

It is often heartbreaking when a medical doctor deems it “unsafe” for someone with an eating disorder to continue in

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RED-S Prevention

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) is common and occurs when there is a mismatch between energy intake and energy expenditure. Prevention is key!

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Why Does My Child Crave Sugar?

I speak with a lot of #parents who tell me that they they have a child who eats “tons of

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What is Overtraining Syndrome?

Recently, Olympic swimmer Simone Manuel revealed she was suffering from “overtraining syndrome” after experiencing fatigue, depression, insomnia & decreased performance. 

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Rest Day Nutrition

Many have been told to “eat less” or to “avoid carbs” on a rest day. But on a rest days,

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Athletes and Eating Disorder Recovery

By Carly Reid, former UCLA Swimmer and Eating Disorder Advocate. It isn’t a surprise that athletes have extremely competitive tendencies.

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Valentine’s Day Food Fun

Gearing up for everything pink or red as Valentine’s Day approaches!   Here are some fun ways to celebrate ALL DAY

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