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Sports Nutrition Handouts and Info:

Sleeping on the Job: The Importance of Rest for Peak Performance                                                                          •Lights out Football: How Sleep is Transforming the NFL                                                                                           •SCAN Nutrition Fact Sheets
• Nutrition Facts Labels                                                          •Foods to Promote Immune Function
• Collegiate Athletes Fact Sheets
• Building a Performance Plate
• Energy Availability
• Eating in the Off Season
• Nutrition for Wrestling
• Eating on the Road
• Alcohol and Athletic Performance
• Fueling During Exercise
Eating Frequency
• Nutrition for Football
• Nutrition for Soccer
• Nutrition for Tennis
• US Rowing: Nutrition Features

supplements1      Supplement Resources:

Consumer Lab
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements
Supplements (handout)
NFL Banned Substances
MLB Banned Substances
NSF Certified Supplement List

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