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The Body Positive
Gurze Books
National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)
• Mirror Mirror (Eating Disorder Help)
Project Heal
Orthorexia Nervosa (handout) 
Maudsley Parents 
Kids, Too, Can Develop Binge Eating Disorder 
•Healthy At Every Size  
•ED Referral & Information Center 

Sugar is Not an Addiction: Summary of Excellent Articles
Food Addiction: Resources
•Body Positivity in the Classroom
•Women’s Running: What is Healthy Body Image?
•What To Do When You Want Food, But You’re Not Hungry: Eating Difficulties During a Global Pandemic
 Stress Eating Lately? The Hunger Meter Can Help
•Eating Disorder Support Groups
•NEDA Help Line
• Find an Eating Disorder Dietitian (IFEDD)


PODCAST: Fueling the A’s
PODCAST:  PBCSS Podcast, Episode #97, Wendy Sterling + MLB Dietitians with Red Sox Strength Coach, Chris Messina
 PODCAST hosted by Jill Castle w/ Wendy Sterling & Casey Crosbie 11/2018
PODCAST:  A Nutritionist’s Role on the ED Team
PODCAST hosted by Gurze PART 1 w/ Wendy Sterling & Casey Crosbie  
•PODCAST hosted by Gurze Part 2 w/ Wendy Sterling & Casey Crosbie

PODCAST: with Signe Darpinian, on preventing the first diet and “connected eating.”
Building “Friendship with Food and Body” with Signe Darpinian
PODCAST:  Dr. Gaudiani and Puberty on Full Bloom


      Supplement Resources:

Consumer Lab
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements
Supplements (handout)
NFL Banned Substances
MLB Banned Substances
NSF Certified Supplement List

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