Nutrition Self Assesment

Self Assessment: Nutrition Foundation

1. I eat breakfast every day.

2. I listen to my hunger and fullness cues and respond accordingly.

3. I eat every few hours during the day (maybe 4-6x total).

4. I rarely skip meals.

5. I always eat within 1 hour before practice.

6. I always eat within 1 hour after practice.

7. I rarely find myself throwing my meals together last minute.

8. Most of my meals are cooked at home.

9. I eat fruits and vegetables every day.

10. I drink milk (or soy milk or an equivalent) daily.

11. I rarely study or practice during my lunch break.

12. I am consistent with my diet.

13. If I eat a salad, I will often have bread on the side.

14. I often have several different foods present at one meal.

15. I drink fluids with each meal.

16. I usually have some type of fat source at most of my meals.

17. If female, my periods are regular.

18. I have a lot of energy during sports practice.

19. There are at least 4 different breakfast/lunch choices I like to eat.

20. I am comfortable being spontaneous with foods.



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