Nutrition Self Assesment

Self Assessment: Nutrition Foundation

1. I eat breakfast every day.

2. I listen to my hunger and fullness cues and respond accordingly.

3. I eat every few hours during the day (maybe 4-6x total).

4. I rarely skip meals.

5. I always eat within 1 hour before practice.

6. I always eat within 1 hour after practice.

7. I rarely find myself throwing my meals together last minute.

8. Most of my meals are cooked at home.

9. I eat fruits and vegetables every day.

10. I drink milk (or soy milk or an equivalent) daily.

11. I rarely study or practice during my lunch break.

12. I am consistent with my diet.

13. If I eat a salad, I will often have bread on the side.

14. I often have several different foods present at one meal.

15. I drink fluids with each meal.

16. I usually have some type of fat source at most of my meals.

17. If female, my periods are regular.

18. I have a lot of energy during sports practice.

19. There are at least 4 different breakfast/lunch choices I like to eat.

20. I am comfortable being spontaneous with foods.


Thank you for completing the Nutrition Self Assessment Tool. The statements for which you replied “FALSE” reflect areas of your diet that might need further attention and exploration. These areas are “red flags” that when adjusted, can help you feel and perform at your best. To discuss this further, or for a personalized nutrition assessment, please contact Wendy Sterling, MS, RD, CSSD directly:

Cell: 917-568-9695