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“Why is My Heart Rate Still Low if I am Weight Restored?” ⁠

We see low heart rates all the time in patients who are weight restored – and this can be very confusing, frustrating, and upsetting. This can occur for variety …

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Don’t Let Sickness Derail Your Recovery

Sickness can be very disruptive for those with an eating disorder. ⁠

Even when a person has been in a solid place for awhile, sickness can rattle someone so seriously …

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Leaving for College? What Do You Need to Know

Many are heading to college! For those in eating disorder recovery there is a lot to think through and “practice” ahead of time. Before leaving, not only is it …

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Are “Safe Foods” Keeping Your Eating Disorder Alive? ⁠

For some people, “safe foods,” might be foods that feel “good” or “healthy.” They may be consumed in a repetitive way, day in and day out, without deviation. Safe foods …

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The Nuance of Language During ED Recovery

In a diet-obsessed, “wellness-infused” world, there are nuances of language that cause harm to patients in eating disorder recovery.  The list is long, but here are some of the highlights. …

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