Leaving for College? What Do You Need to Know

Many are heading to college! For those in eating disorder recovery there is a lot to think through and “practice” ahead of time. Before leaving, not only is it important to be stable with your eating disorder behaviors, to be wt restored, medically in a good place, ideally for your mood to be in a stable place – but for you to be able to actually select food in the dining halls! If you are eating the same foods all day….variety will need some work to ensure success at school!

Some quick tips:

1) Go shopping for new snacks and new funny coffee mugs

2) Start changing up your meals, the dining hall may not have your exact brands and foods

3) Figure out what small restaurants are at your college, and try them out at home

4) Try out buffets to get a feel for what plating might be like in the dining hall. Supermarkets often have buffets where you can grab a meal and practice self-serving.

5) Practice having pizza. You will see this a lot in college!

6) Work with an ED dietitian to make sure you are ready to roll for college!

Food is so central to the college eating experience.

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