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Why Choose a Sports Drink?

When activity is over an hour, you can extend performance by fueling with “easy-to-digest” carbohydrates “during” a workout. 

Aim for:

30-60 grams of carbohydrates per hour of activity is …

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Are You Struggling with Muscle Cramps?

Exercise-associated muscle cramps can result from a variety of factors affecting the neuromuscular system. If these occur for you, take a look at the following factors to investigate why.

Dehydration …

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The Nuance of Language: Exercise Edition

How do you talk about exercise around your kids? Here are some helpful reminders as the holidays come around.

Exercising to burn calories, lose weight, or alter one’s appearance creates …

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Scattergories Activity: A-Z

Nutrition Lesson Plan for Joyful Movement with Kids


  1. To understand the benefits of movement
  2. To experience joyful movement
  3. To brainstorm new ideas for joyful movement, that are different than
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The Return to Sports After Eating Disorder Treatment

It is often heartbreaking when a medical doctor deems it “unsafe” for someone with an eating disorder to continue in their sport. Someone might get pulled from their sport for …

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