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Is Your Supplement Tainted?

A recent study looked at 3132 dietary supplements and found 875 to contain “undeclared substances.” More than 28% of the analyzed dietary supplements pose a potential risk of unintentional doping. …

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Your “Super Clean” Diet May be Tanking Your Testosterone

🏋️‍♀️ Athletes who adopt a “super clean” diet in an attempt to build muscle mass may find their attempts backfire. 

🤔 Why? This kind of diet can be too low …

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Scattergories Activity: A-Z

Nutrition Lesson Plan for Joyful Movement with Kids


  1. To understand the benefits of movement
  2. To experience joyful movement
  3. To brainstorm new ideas for joyful movement, that are different than
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Rest Day Nutrition

Many have been told to “eat less” or to “avoid carbs” on a rest day. But on a rest days, the body is busy! Rest days are filled with healing, …

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Having Fun With Wafer Cones

Last night, my kids (5 and 3) were thrilled to have wafer cones filled with assorted flavored yogurts, raspberries, blueberries and sliced almonds for dessert.  They were laughing as they …

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Free ‘Joyful Movement’ Exercise

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