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One question: Are you looking to get better?
Specifically, are you looking to be faster, more explosive, and to have more stamina? If so, a comprehensive nutrition sports consultation is essential for reaching that “next level.” Wendy Sterling, MS, RD, CSSD, is a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition. She works closely with athletes and teams across the country in order to enhance sports performance and gain a competitive edge.Wendy has consulted for the Oakland Athletics, Golden State Warriors and was the Team Nutritionist for the NY Jets from 2006-2013, where she worked closely with the NFL players to improve endurance, speed, and explosiveness.  Wendy has also consulted for the Menlo School, in Menlo Park, California where she has developed an interactive sports nutrition curriculum for their athletes.  She works with several independent schools in the area. She has consulted for the Santa Clara Aquamaids, NY Islanders, Hofstra University Athletics, and was the Sports Nutritionist for Pro Hoops where she worked with basketball players looking to enter the NBA draft. She works closely with Sports Agencies from all over the country to help prepare players for the Combine/Draft.

Athletes and Eating Disorders 

There is a higher incidence of eating disorders present among athletes vs. non athletes. Physical activity helps to improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy, longevity, and can help improve body image. However, in the context of an eating disorder, the benefits of exercise can backfire, intensifying one’s preoccupation with food, weight, and shape, while increasing obsessiveness and compulsiveness around the need to exercise. Frequent physical activity, paired with a limited or restricted diet, can greatly impair performance, increase risk for injury, or worse, lead to serious medical consequences. Wendy can help athletes maximize performance and gain an advantage by boosting endurance, energy, and recovery.  Wendy has worked in the eating disorder field for close to 20 years, and can help address dietary issues as they relate to sports performance.

A comprehensive sports consultation will:

  • Enhance performance
  • Give you an “edge” that separates you from your competitors
  • Add strength through added lean muscle mass
  • Reduce body fat and increase explosiveness
  • Improve energy, reduce fatigue
  • Speed recovery and healing time, reduce soreness
  • Prevent injury
  • Prevent cramps
  • Improve your diet!

Wendy teaches athletes how to use diet to get faster, more explosive, and to improve stamina. Whether you are looking to shave body fat, add good quality lean muscle mass, or to improve energy, Wendy will work one on one with you to create a customized meal plan necessary for achieving performance goals. Wendy will provide a comprehensive analysis of each player’s diet. During a one on one session, Wendy will evaluate: meal timing, quality/type of fueling before, during and after a workout, recovery nutrition protocol, hydration/cramping, supplement use, sleep, overall diet quality, and balance/ratio of nutrients to support training. A diet that is insufficient in any of these areas will result in poor performance, fatigue, and failure to meet your goals. Wendy uses cutting edge nutrition practices to create a winning nutrition game plan.


  1. Individual Counseling for Athletes
  2. Sports Team Dietitian
    • Services include:
      • Individual counseling to athletes
      • Team lectures and seminars on areas such as:
      • Strategies for achieving ideal body composition
      • Nutrient timing, including fueling before, during and after exercise
      • Weight management
      • Hydration
      • Recovery
      • How to prevent cramping
      • Food Myths
      • Evaluation of training table and team sports nutrition practices
      • Writing menus for training facility, hotels, planes, long trips
      • Nutrition strategies for improving team nutrition during practice and on game day
  3. Combine and Special Event Preparation:
    Wendy helps athletes as they prepare for the combine, draft, and other competitive events. During a nutrition session, we will look at your diet and customize a nutrition program that complements your training schedule. Wendy will work with you during the preparation phase to ensure you reach your weight and body composition goals, while simultaneously focusing on enhancing performance.

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