Scattergories Activity: A-Z

Nutrition Lesson Plan for Joyful Movement with Kids


  1. To understand the benefits of movement
  2. To experience joyful movement
  3. To brainstorm new ideas for joyful movement, that are different than traditional ways of thinking about “exercise” and “movement.”

Intro (5 min) Discussion: What are the benefits of movement? What movements do you do (if any)? How do you feel when you move? Benefits include boosting mood, increasing happiness, helping with sleep, increasing mobility and strength.

Interactive Experience: (30-60 min) Lead the group on an interactive exploration of different movements. Ideas include: walking🚶‍♀️, scootering🛴, roller blading, soccer⚽️ shooting hoops 🏀 , hiking, four-square, hop-scotch, choosing what works by age and season. Participants can explore which movements are fun and which ones they are most drawn to. Leader can point out how it feels to be outside and together in nature🌴.

Discussion/Snack: (20 min). Recover and rehydrate with a homemade trail mix +fluids💪🥤!
Trail mix can include: chex mix as base, dried fruit (mango, craisins, raisins, banana chips), nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashews), chocolate chips, crushed yogurt covered pretzel, others. Discuss what the group felt, and experienced? What did they like.

Closing Game: (25 min) “Movement Scattergories.” Divide the group into two groups. Have the kids come up with movement ideas from A-Z. Each team gets a point for unique answers only (answers that the other team did not have). Double points are given for doubles words using that letter (example “cross country” or “ping pong” – but no points given if the other team also had these 😂).

For your free blank download of “Movement Scattergories from A-Z” click link below:

Movement Scattergories A-Z


Movement Ideas A-Z:


Baseball/basketball/balance beam

Cross-country running

Dancing (or Diving?)

Exercise classes/Equestrianism



Hide and seek/Hockey/Horseback riding

Ice hockey/Ice Skating

Jet-skiing/jumping rope/juggling

Kung Fu/Kick ball

Lacrosse/Line Dancing

Mountain biking/Marching Band

Newcomb/Nature Walking

Open water swimming/Olympic sports

Pilates/Ping point/paint ball


Roller skating/running/racing

Skiing/Stand Up Paddle Boarding/Soccer/Scavenger hunts

Tennis/Table Tennis

Ultimate Frisbee/Unicycling


Walking/Wall Ball

XC Running



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