Trick-or-Treating for Glow in the Dark Fangs?

As it gets closer to Halloween, households across the country will have an important decision to make: what to give out to their trick or treaters. I have always loved the idea of giving out something else besides candy. Not because I am against candy, but more because ambitious Halloweeners often come home with so much candy. I’m not suggesting everyone stop giving candy. But would it be so bad if half the houses on your block gave out something else? This of course has to be done though carefully; you don’t want to be that house – the one that gives out pennies and pencils that kids want to skip the next year.  Giving out a variety of items year to year shows kids that candy is not forbidden and also broadens their view on what’s fun for Halloween.

How about glow in the dark fangs? Imagine herds of kids walking away from your house in the dark and all you see are glow in the dark fangs! Other options could be Hallowescreen-shot-2016-09-19-at-12-54-02-pmen whistles, glow in the dark sticky stars, jumping, spiders or glow in the dark skeletons that can climb down the wall by themselves (or these glow in the dark skeletons).  Glow in the dark sticky eyeballs are fun or Halloween bubbles.

The price of these non-candy options are comparable to the price of candy and can actually be cheaper depending on what you get.  A 5 pound bag of mini Tootsie Rolls is $10.59 from Costco, which is $0.009 each. But no one ever takes just one, so for two it would be $0.018 per trick-or-treater.   A 130-piece assortment of candy made by Wrigley’s (skittles, lifesaver gummies) is $0.10 per item.  The Glow-in-the-dark fangs are only $0.08/fang and came in a package of 72 fangs for $6.00.  Jumping spiders are just $0.03 each. An pre-assorted mixed bag of  non-candy options would be $0.15 per item..  Color scratch bats/pumpkins and spiders are $0.18/item.   Glow in the dark sticky eyeballs are $0.21/eyeball. Halloween bubbles are $0.29/item. Happy Halloween toothbrushes are $0.39 but be careful, this could fall in the “pennies and pencils” catergory of boring non-candy options. For more fun non-candy Halloween giveaways, check out this Pinterest page.

Going to a Halloween Party?
Here are some of my favorite items to bring with you:

For more options and details on how to make these,  check out this pinterest board.

Stay tuned for my next post on, “What to Do With All That Candy?”

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